Marcus Conte, the reporter from New York, enjoys the company of cats… If you know what I mean… Meow Meow


Chucko gives a wonky review on a future Ruler.



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Do you see that tall tree?
Long ago it sprang up from a small nut.  Do you know who made it do so?

It was God, my child. God made the world
and all things in it. He made the sun to light the
day, and the moon to shine at night.
God shows that he loves us by all that he has
done for us. Should we not then love him?

When the stars, at set of sun,
Watch you from on high;
When the light of morn has come,
Think the Lord is nigh.

All you do, and all you say,
He can see and hear;
When you work and when you play,
Think the Lord is near.
All your joys and griefs he knows,
Sees each smile and tear;
When to him you tell your woes,
Know the Lord will hear.