I tried calling there… Either their homophone is broke or they’re dead!


I tried calling there... Either their homophone is broke or they're dead!

What? Hello? This thing on?


The most important date for the presidential race is May 6, 2014.


2014 has just begun, but the most important date in the presidential race is barely two months away.

If, like me, you are interested in doing what you can to support Rand Paul or Ted Cruz in the event that he might run for President next year, I hope you can appreciate how strange it is that we need to be preparing so far in advance.

In fact, it’s been this way for the past two presidential cycles and longer.

But I assure you, I am serious.  The most important date for the presidential race is May 6, 2014.

That’s 2 months and four days from right now.

You see, May 6 is the filing deadline for Republican Party precinct delegates for the 2015-2016 cycle.

The people elected in 2014 will control the party.  They will control the rules.

They will control who the national delegates are, they will control what date the primary is—and whether there is a primary at all, or a caucus, or neither.

They also nominate candidates for important statewide races, incidentally.  They elect party leadership at the county, district, and state level.

May 6 is actually the filing deadline for just about all state races this year, and it is the most important political date of the year, bar none.

Filing for Precinct  is easy.  You simply visit your county clerk’s office and complete a form.   (It needs to be notarized, but county clerks are almost always able to notarize it for you.)  It costs $20 at the most, and is often free.

If you want to be taken seriously in politics, one of the most important and easiest ways to do that is to become a precinct delegate.

Not everyone who files for the position will be elected, but most will.  Often, there are more seats available than candidates in a precinct, and you’ll automatically win just for having filed.

And make no mistake: the party establishment is out to prevent the Tea Party/Liberty/conservative movement from having a majority.

Your participation is vital.

(And by the way, if you are already a precinct delegate, you need to file and run again, as your term will expire in August.)

In fact, if you can, you should do everything you can to recruit your friends to file, too.

Presidential race aside, every state race down the line will be dramatically affected by the makeup of the party leadership.

And it comes down to who decides who will speak for them in the Republican Party.

It is that simple.

We saw what happened at the national convention last year, and many of you saw what happened at county and state conventions last year as well.

Time is short.  We need everyone filed to run for precinct delegate.  Everyone who cares about the future of our country. 


For Liberty,

Chucko Butler