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The most important date for the presidential race is May 6, 2014.


This is what I was thinking 2 years ago…


2014 has just begun, but the most important date in the presidential race is barely two months away.

If, like me, you are interested in doing what you can to support Rand Paul or Ted Cruz in the event that he might run for President next year, I hope you can appreciate how strange it is that we need to be preparing so far in advance.

In fact, it’s been this way for the past two presidential cycles and longer.

But I assure you, I am serious.  The most important date for the presidential race is May 6, 2014.

That’s 2 months and four days from right now.

You see, May 6 is the filing deadline for Republican Party precinct delegates for the 2015-2016 cycle.

The people elected in 2014 will control the party.  They will control the rules.

They will control who the national delegates are, they will control…

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The One World Religion is Ball “Baal” Earth

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The “End Times” we all hear about has a one world religion. What is that religion?  Well… It is  believing the Earth is a sphere… Don’t believe me?  Just ask anyone… Ask them if the Earth is a Ball spinning around the Sun or a Plane with little tiny 32 mile wide Sun moving in a circle above it just like in the Bible. They will laugh and answer as they have been taught… They will defend and protect with prideful and boastful ridicule their “Religious Leaders” or “NASA” with more conviction than any Catholic, Mormon, or Muslim I’ve ever spoken with… HAVE YOU EVER QUESTIONED THE EXISTENCE OF GOD? HAVE YOU EVER QUESTIONED THE VALIDITY OF NASA? #FlatEarth #BaalEarth #OneWorldReligion


As you research Flat Earth, be aware of SHILLS… They mix TRUTH with Bull-Crap in an effort to make it all seem just super silly…