How I became Flat Earth Charlie…

flat earth, Gems, Govt Coverups

All I did was Google Chicago Skyline from Michigan and my adventure began…

I’ve spent my life finding solutions to problems. I have made a modest living doing it and have a pretty good track record.  Others have this same skill. When a problem presents itself to me, my brain starts to examine the situation without me even knowing it’s doing it… It will, in most cases , soon deliver a solution to my awake mind whether I want it to or not… I then get to choose to act on that info. I will end up fixing a drinking fountain at a park or a paper towel dispenser at Chuck E. Cheese just because a quick and easy solution presented itself to me. Most people don’t mind…

This skill of mine called BS on the Moon Landings a long time ago… Flat Earth took a while… I watched everything I could find at the time… Then one day… I realized there is no going back to the globe model…I can’t imagine anything any more interesting than watching the world awaken to a truth so fantastic that it can’t help but prove the reality that GOD IS REAL…

We do live in a MATRIX of lies…  I got out… I am Flat Earth Charlie…





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