2016 Michigan Republican State Convention… The Troubles I’ve seen…

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There is a big problem beyond what can only be described as unmitigated boredom where life itself becomes uninteresting.

And that is: It’s all a huge waste of time and money. For what we ultimately accomplished, it all could have been done in an e-mail. The money people donate to make all this happen is clearly in no way sacred to the GOP.

It’s bad enough that it’s all a huge wasteful commercial for the Michigan GOP. But… It’s aimed at only a tiny amount of people already in the bag for the GOP.

The convention was so boring and useless, people kept voting on not to read more boring lists of stuff that are apparently unimportant. They just wanted to get the snooze fest over with. I liked them…

Most people were very pleasant. I saw some experienced delegates making fun of first time delegates for asking questions? Pathetic… Seriously guys…

The bottom line is: The National Delegates List they call “a slate” was chosen months ago. They were chosen even before the county conventions in March… That is the big BS part of the entire process! You can fight like hell to become a State delegate at the County Convention… But that is as far as you will get…

They did give us 15 minutes to caucus and try to put another slate together… I actually got on that slate but we lost badly to the pre-qualified list…I did cross my fingers.

Prior to the vote, I heard whispers about the second slate “It’s just bunch of people from Jackson…”

So don’t waste your time being a delegate from Jackson…

Jackson has several beautiful parks by the way and is known as the birthplace of the Republican Party, and it was a stop on the Underground Railroad.

It’s very much the “Good ol’ Boys Network in control…

I suggest, instead of a fist fight at the National Convention all the delegates should just quite peacefully walk across the street and hold their own convention on SKYPE…

We can then show the entire world what  WE THE PEOPLE WANT.

Problem solved…


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