Lies are bad… Seek truth… And in case you did not know, Outer Space is fake….

CRISIS ACTOR IN CHIEF, flat earth, Gems, Govt Coverups, Info Comics

When I was younger telling lies was perfectly normal. I was generally up to no good so it seemed to help.  I guess I’d heard it back then, but I didn’t know, ” Telling Lies is the worst thing you can do.”  It sounded like a load of BS… Surely is was the least bad thing you could do… Wasn’t stealing worse? It turns out being a good liar is essential to being a good thief…

Evil’s only real power is deception.  I didn’t know this when I was a kid.

Hell, Everybody lied… We had to, to keep out of trouble… Right?

But now that I know that it’s the one power that God will never use.
God is TRUTH. Lies are just a really easy way to fool people… 

The big problem is, NOBODY ever wants to admit they were fooled. (i.e. Flat Earth)

I take comfort in knowing truth is out there. 
Pray for guidance folks.

Crazy Feeling


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