How to be a cartoonist

How to be a cartoonist or rather why...

How to be a cartoonist or rather why…

The How part is : Flash

I use Adobe Flash to create my cartoons. I find Flash easy to use and the vector based images shrink and grow without that loss of detail or graininess. I render all my web images as *.jpg

Passion is the real answer… I started this cartoon on my Facebook page in early 2012 as a way to Make My Message Stand Out… I’m kind of a show-off…  I guess…

I was lucky enough to have a book published in 2007 titled Chuck the Duck  by Charles Butler. This book was just a website I built with Flash that got noticed by a publisher and it is still for sale on literally tens of thousands of websites all over the world… It’s crazy…Chuck the  Duck is a little miracle God tossed me to see what I could do with it…  And yet…  I’ve done almost nothing at all to promote the book and I have the royalty checks to prove it.

Now, Turning Chucky the main character into the Online Comic “Chucky Talks to God” was fast and easy because I had all the art from my book saved in my Gmail as an attachment to a letter I sent myself four years prior.  I love Flash.  I just drag images around and add text. The ideas for the comic are reflections of whatever information I have absorbed that day and the days prior. I am a fan of ,, and most recently

Ideas for the comic pop into my head ten times a day or more.  But,  If I don’t run to my computer and open the Flash software and get started the idea floats away. I’m OK with that. I know it will reappear as a twist to something else later.

Early on when an idea would hit me and I didn’t have time to monkey with it, I would quickly type it into a text file I kept on my desktop of all the ideas or jokes. I would then visit this list from time to time to revisit old ideas. I did that because I was doing one comic a day at first just to see if I could. And… I can do that…  But I do not have to… It’s just a hobby. I keep telling myself.

I also attribute all of my creativeness to the creator  himself. Without his providence, no comic, book, or song is ever finished. Did I mention I’m a musician… Of sorts… Check out the Leyden Jars Videos

Also, When I try to force the creativity it is never as powerful as that moment an idea is born. So I’m often seen quickly exiting the dinner table,  disappearing in the middle of a movie, or just plain dropping out of the middle of a conversation with someone just to get an idea for a comic started.

And anyways, No one else I know is doing it…


I’m just gonna keep doing it…


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