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The man is a brilliant wordsmith and a lawyer… He’s giving free advice… It’s not a bunch of crap either… JUST CLICK HERE


Millions now believe in God after witnessing Hillary get KARMA smacked on 911, CRISIS ACTOR IN CHIEF, Gems, Govt Coverups, Info Comics, meme, Reasons to vote for Trump


I think it is funny how this all happened because the powers that be used a Hillary Supporter to get the video in the first place… Maybe he saved her life?

*WARNING* Singing the name game with names such as Alice, Dallas, Tucker, Chuck, Buck, Huck, Bart, Art, Marty, Mitch, Rich, Richie, Maggie, Ruby, or, in British English, Danny or Annie, results in profanity or rude language.

Flat Earth is real WE NOW HAVE PROOF

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My family saw the Chicago Skyline from across Lake Michigan one summer. I Googled the distance and discovered we should not have been able to see it due to the curvature of the earth . The reason we could see it was explained away as a “superior mirage” by “experts”. A Flat Earth friend of mine named Rob Skiba decided to charter a boat and steer straight to Chicago the next time the skyline was visible from all the way across the lake and record the whole thing on camera… Well a few days ago he did just that… The Earth is flat…

Lies are bad… Seek truth… And in case you did not know, Outer Space is fake….

CRISIS ACTOR IN CHIEF, flat earth, Gems, Govt Coverups, Info Comics

When I was younger telling lies was perfectly normal. I was generally up to no good so it seemed to help.  I guess I’d heard it back then, but I didn’t know, ” Telling Lies is the worst thing you can do.”  It sounded like a load of BS… Surely is was the least bad thing you could do… Wasn’t stealing worse? It turns out being a good liar is essential to being a good thief…

Evil’s only real power is deception.  I didn’t know this when I was a kid.

Hell, Everybody lied… We had to, to keep out of trouble… Right?

But now that I know that it’s the one power that God will never use.
God is TRUTH. Lies are just a really easy way to fool people… 

The big problem is, NOBODY ever wants to admit they were fooled. (i.e. Flat Earth)

I take comfort in knowing truth is out there. 
Pray for guidance folks.

Crazy Feeling

The One World Religion is Ball “Baal” Earth

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The “End Times” we all hear about has a one world religion. What is that religion?  Well… It is  believing the Earth is a sphere… Don’t believe me?  Just ask anyone… Ask them if the Earth is a Ball spinning around the Sun or a Plane with little tiny 32 mile wide Sun moving in a circle above it just like in the Bible. They will laugh and answer as they have been taught… They will defend and protect with prideful and boastful ridicule their “Religious Leaders” or “NASA” with more conviction than any Catholic, Mormon, or Muslim I’ve ever spoken with… HAVE YOU EVER QUESTIONED THE EXISTENCE OF GOD? HAVE YOU EVER QUESTIONED THE VALIDITY OF NASA? #FlatEarth #BaalEarth #OneWorldReligion


As you research Flat Earth, be aware of SHILLS… They mix TRUTH with Bull-Crap in an effort to make it all seem just super silly…

The Secret ISIS Leader is Obama

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The day you find out Obama is a secret Muslim, will it matter?robots in the skys

Trump: Obama and Hillary Created ISIS