Because Twitter and Facebook are no longer free-speech machines, they won’t be “cool” much longer… #GAB.AI #Seen.Life

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When big companies get together and block perfectly good cell phone apps from getting published, they are slitting their own throat. How sad is it that “Giants” like Twitter, Facebook, and Google can’t handle a little competition? GAB.AI is now the forbidden fruit! Although the internet is new, learning from History is not… Where Oh Where is AOL, MySpace and these days? #GAB.AI #Seen.Life

GAB.AI    Seen.Life

Super Blue Toothpaste by INFOWARS is the best toothpaste for sale anywhere.

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It has the good halogen Iodine instead of the poison Fluoride… It has nano silver in it… It tastes great and leaves no globs in the bathroom sink… The only issue is that it takes a mighty mighty man to squeeze it out of the tube… Thank Goodness for Super Male Vitality also by INFOWARS… But I heard just today that the tube issue is being fixed…