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President Trump is a new motor.

Flat Earth Research is also a new motor.

Have you ever bought a brand new motor? From cars and motorcycles to a simple furnace motor, they all have to be installed correctly to function properly.

The “deep state” is the old belts, the spent gaskets, the burnt wireing harness, the rusted bolts and fasteners, and the screwed up crap from the last guy that tried to fix it. All that MUST be replaced before the new motor is installed. What does that mean? To Deep State it means “YOU’RE FIRED”

The Flat Earth Awakening is simply people seeing LIES and wanting to know the truth. This new new motor is really just a list of questions. Once we have solid answers to those questions the motor will be installed…

What does this Flat Earth Awareness motor do?


#FEPE #FlatEarthPeopleEverywhere

Because Twitter and Facebook are no longer free-speech machines, they won’t be “cool” much longer… #GAB.AI #Seen.Life

Gems, Govt Coverups, Info Comics

When big companies get together and block perfectly good cell phone apps from getting published, they are slitting their own throat. How sad is it that “Giants” like Twitter, Facebook, and Google can’t handle a little competition? GAB.AI is now the forbidden fruit! Although the internet is new, learning from History is not… Where Oh Where is AOL, MySpace and these days? #GAB.AI #Seen.Life

GAB.AI    Seen.Life