Why is Ted Cruz the President of the United States? #TedCruz

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Because 8 years ago a whole lot of voters including my son and I wanted Ron Paul to be the GOP nominee… We learned about something called Delegates.

They alone were really in control and simply not going to let this “Ron Paul” thing happen more matter how bad “WE” wanted it…

Got it…

Now… fast forward to now… Guess who those “DELEGATES” are now?

We are the people that paid attention and acted on what we saw happen 8 years ago…

You’re welcome…

P.S. Sorry we could not get Ron or Rand… We did try…


Trump Truth 911 Massive Heart Attack for NWO

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Chucky talks to Ebola

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MIKE SLATER IN FOR GLENN BECK talks about the New Liberty Tree App


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Guest host Mike Slater from San Diego talked about ISIS, Rudy Giuliani’s name plate that read I AM RESPONSIBLE, Hispanic farmers strike in CA, AND what’s Glenn like? You know… Away from the camera and microphones…